The Three Largest Gang Tattoo Styles

Within every culture, tattoo is an important tool to identify and also to distinguish a person. But there are groups, where tatto is used for a much more serious reason, for example, within the ranks of mafia-type criminal organizations around the world.

Mexico - Russia - Japan

Certain signs and motifs have special meanings, and many times have different meanings if they are tattooed on different body parts. Colors and size also add a different meanings to them.

With the help of these tattoos these gangs speak their own language, which have their own symbolism, that is only know for the members of these gangs as they are the only ones who can “read” them.

Each group created their own style, from the type of fonts they use to the design, all to signify the actual “pack” they belong to, while also making it clearly distinguishable from other groups.

The three most well-known tattoed groups are: the Japanese Yakuza, the Russian prison inmates and the Mexican gangs.

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