The Wolf

The Moon

The Rose

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In a tattoo parlor

Tattoo Parlor Etiquette

You already have the what, the where and that who is the artist that is...


Moon tattoo

The Moon

While the Sun is considered to be the symbol of the Deity, Power, Illumination, Wisdom, Enlightenment, or man/father, the Moon is the embodiment of...

The Sign of Infinity

The sign of infinity is an ancient symbol, that has represented different concepts and ideas in various cultures. In India and in Tibet, it holds...
Rose tattoo

The Rose

The rose is considered to be the flower of love. Protected by the thorns, the rose also stands for beauty, secrecy, life, death and...
Wolf tattoo

The Wolf

It is the embodiment of the duality between unity and being a unique individual. The wolf is part of the whole (a stem, a...
Lotus Tattoo

The Lotus – meaning and symbolism

Common names: lotus, lotus flower, water lily, fairy rose, fairy lily Despite being an eastern symbol, western tattoo culture have used lotus so much that...



The Little Prince

The Little Prince’s Universe

The great teaching. A tale about the eyes of the children, about the fact that they can still see what the adults had forgotten....
Russian Tattoo

The Three Largest Gang Tattoo Styles

Within every culture, tattoo is an important tool to identify and also to distinguish a person. But there are groups, where tatto is used...
Scares with tattoo

Working with what you have – concealing scars and skin blemishes

It is highly doubtable that there is one person in the world whose skin doesn’t have a scar, a mark, or a spot. We carry...