The Moon

While the Sun is considered to be the symbol of the Deity, Power, Illumination, Wisdom, Enlightenment, or man/father, the Moon is the embodiment of the female principle. It is the symbol of Mystique, constant renewal, inner knowledge, maternity, procreation, growth, and enrichment. Despite the Sun’s continuity, the Moon displays cyclicality, while in various culture it is also the director and regulator of fate.

Ancient mythology: In Greek mythology Selene is the ancient Moon Goddess, while Artemis is the Virgin Goddess of the Moon and hunting. She helps at childbirth and protects women and children. In Roman mythology she can be associated with the Goddess Luna.

Artemis, Chang-O, Wicca
Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon and Hunting. – Chang-O, the Moon Goddess in ancient Chinese Mythology –
The Triple Goddess (Wicca)

China: In ancient Chinese mythology, the Moon Goddess Chang-O is the wife of Houyi, the archer. Her legend explains that she received an elixir of eternal life that she secretly drank, and flew to the Moon in that instant. She is often shown with a white jade rabbit her companion on the Moon.

The triple Moon
The triple Moon
The triple Godess symbol of with the three phases of the Moon also stands for the basic images of the female psyche. These archetypes actually show the various aspects of femininity.

The most familiar aspects are the Virgin, Mother and the wise old Woman/Crone, they are symbolized by the waxing, full, and waning moon phases. The triple Moon is the Triple Godess in Wicca. This symbol represents the three phases of the moon, the three stages of human life: life, death, and also reincarnation and rebirth.

The Moon symbolizes the night, what is less transparent the archaic world of the psyche and the soul. It also holds premonition, dreams and creative imagination.

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